Cake Sprinkles

Umang Pharma is specialised in Cake Sprinkles! We offer edible cake glitter and colors to bring your cakes to life. With over 60 colors available there's something for everyone, but you can also blend colors for extra visual effects and encapsulate flavors as per your choice. You can add glitter to:Snack Chips & Popcorn, Cookies & Crackers, Breakfast Cereals, Candy & Coatings, Frostings, Bread & Baked Goods,Carbonated Beverages, Anything & Everything!. Cake Sprinkles is sugar & carbohydrate free, adds no calories to your product. The major applications are in Cake decoration, Cake cream decor, Bake decor, Ice cream decoration, Cookie decoration, Chocolate decoration, Cup cake decoration, Health drink decoration,Yogurt decoration, Curd decoration, Cheese decoration, Puff decoration, Donut decoration, Bread decoration, Snack decoration, Candy decoration, Biscuit decoration, Centre cream filled biscuit decoration, Chewing gum decoration, Flavored cake decoration, Ice cream biscuits, etc.

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