Flavoured Toppings

Umang Pharma's depth knowledge of raw materials which remain stable even at very high temperature helps us create flavorswithout loosing its taste & aroma. As a result the product gets enhanced stability and intact freshness. This very ability makes it possible to design a large number of flavorsfor confectionery & bakery industry.Flavored granules for various the flavors likeMint, Tea masala, Green tea, lemon, ginger,cardamom, pineapple, etc. granules can be made & mixed with tea leaves for tea bag application. The major products are in Edible Glitter, Disco Dust, Edible Dust, Glitter Pearls, Decorative Films,Decorative Shapes, Effervescent Granules, Sugar Granules, Sugar Crystals, Yellow Beads, Pink Glitter, Color Beads, Blue Beads, Sugar Granules, Actives Granules, Mint Beads, etc.