Mouth Dissolving Films

UMANG PHARMATECH manufacturers edible film technology by its own manufacturing and production of the films with our own production line. such as Orally Dissolvable Film (ODF), Fast dissolving film, Breath strip, breath refreshing strip, mouth freshener, oral thin film, mouth dissolving film, edible film. Our Water Soluble Edible is widely used as mouth refresher in various forms and flavors. Flavors: Various flavors can be used: orange, lemon, strawberry, powdered green Tea, blueberry, coffee mint, rosemint, raspberry, peppermint, spearmint, cool mint etc. In addition to these popular flavors, We manufactures flavors requested by our consumers, Thus the base material can be starch, gelatin, cellulose, pullulan, HPMC etc.
· Regular dispenser: 24 strips can contain two or three kinds of flavors in 1 case.
· Regular size 22mm X 33mm
· The film can also be delivered in roll.
· The length can be chosen by the customer. However, the maximum width is 600mm.
· We do make single dose and multiple dose packing.
· We design the packing and film shape as per customer requirement.
· We can cut films to various shapes to be used for cake or food decoration.
Package:  Aluminum foil, blister package or transparent plastic foil and simple case packages for edible film. The design of each package is done according to the agreement.