Rainbow Pearls

Rainbow Pearls and Jewel sprinklescomplement your fine cookies and cakes. Make our lustrous edible pearls and richly hued jewel sugar sprinkles the perfect final touch atop your iced cake or decorated cookies. They'll take desserts to the next level of decoration and visual appeal. Pearlscome in 100 gms. packing and 1 Kgs. bulk packing for purchasing. The major applications are in Cake decorations, Cake cream decorations, Bake decorations, Ice cream decorations, Cookie decorations,Chocolate decorations, Cup cake decorations, Health drink decorations, Yogurt decorations, Curd decorations, Cheese decorations, Puff decorations, Donut decorations, Bread decorations, Snack decorations, Candy decorations, Biscuit decorations, Centre cream filled biscuit decorations,Chewing gum decorations, Flavored cake decorations, Ice cream biscuits, etc.