Sparkling Pearls

Sparkling Pearls with flavor contributes some special qualities to the flavor profile of your product. The quick releasing flavor ofglitter, coupled with a slower releasingflavor can give the effect of a flavor change. For example, if you made abanana flavored pearl with strawberry flavor on it, the first flavor impact would be the strawberry, followed by strawberry/banana and finally just banana. Try this with chocolate/cherry, cinnamon/apple, pineapple/coconut ... and any other flavor combinations you dream up. Create peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with a whole new dimension by sprinkling Strawberry beads onto peanut butter crackers. A variety of colors as per phantone shape card is possible. The major applications are in Cake decorating, Cake cream decorating, Bake decorating, Ice cream decorating, Cookie decorating, Chocolate decorating, Cup cake decorating, Health drink decorating,Yogurt decorating, Curd decorating, Cheese decorating, Puff decorating, Donut decorating, Bread decorating, Snack decorating, Candy decorating, Biscuit decorating, Centre cream filled biscuit decorating, Chewing gum decorating, Flavored cake decorating, Ice cream biscuits, etc.